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The clean layout of the master slide templates gives you free control of how to present the different content types.

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In a world where technology evolves every second, it gets tedious trying to stay up to speed with the latest designs while keeping practicality and price in mind.

Simple PowerPoint templates are available to better prepare yourself with a need to present information in a concise and attractive manner while displaying your company brand professionally. ‘

The Simple Blue template  is created by our experienced presentation design team but can easily be adapted by anyone without having any graphic knowledge due to the well structured and simple layouts.

Besides being able to customize the different color schemes, the template include a place where your company logo can be shown throughout the presentation.

Popular uses of the slides include blocks of text with pictures in order to explain the topic while giving a visual to enhance the clarity of the message.

The templates can easily be adjusted to so that the images can only be seen on the left side or on the right side. Beautiful pie charts, line graphs, and other graphs can be created simply by a few keys of a button.

Besides basic graphs, this template includes adjustable SmartArts and flow charts that can represent information in many different ways.

A complete template user guide is included in your download package .

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View big slide layouts in the template preview video

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