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‘White Pixel’ Extremely Clean, Simple and Elegant PowerPoint Template

Ready For A Fresh Business Presentation

Template overview

  • 21 pre-designed template slides
  • 17 unique master slide layouts
  • Both standard (4:3) and widescreen (HD 16:4) formats
  • Super clean, fresh, and flexible design
  • Easily brandable – No Photoshop required

Do you plan to hold a seminar, conduct a business meeting or create a corporate profile presentation? White Pixel professional PowerPoint template is created for you.

You often aren’t trying to prove to any client or prospect that you know how to create a PowerPoint presentation, so don’t waste your precious time to develop it yourself. We have done it for you.

Spend more time on the idea and winning over the client. Let the template do the work of providing the creative & consistent look and feel of your presentation.

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You are downloading an easily customizable template that will enable you to create an elegant business PowerPoint presentation quickly.

white clean elegant simple PowerPoint template slide thumbnails

Watch the animated template preview video below. You get both the animated and non-animated versions in the download package.

PowerPoint slide shows are the most common way to communicate a marketing message or a business idea to clients or fellow employees. When pitching your new idea, a set of professionally designed slides reflects that you are up-to-date with the new technology, and you are putting effort not only into your idea but also it’s effective communication.

It is professional to have an aesthetically pleasing visual presentation to go along with the message you’ll be sharing verbally. Using one of the predesigned business PowerPoint templates is the quickest and most efficient way to put together your amazing business presentation.

There’s no need to spend hours of your precious time creating a clean ppt template with a consistent color theme for your brand when we’ve already done it for you. White Pixel is a professionally designed simple PowerPoint template, which enables anyone to create elegant slides without using complex design software.

When you download this done for you professional PowerPoint template, you will receive an easy fill in the blank set up. You’ll start with a clean title to instantly show your topic and grab the audience’s attention. Each page of the template is unique and varied to suit your needs.

There is a place on each page to place your logo, as well as a footer at the bottom of each slide. This keeps your slides looking ultra professional, consistent, and branded.

As an added bonus each slide includes instructions and ideas of what content to add and where. You’ll see that some pages have predetermined spaces for photos while others are all text. You can simply drag and drop your photos to the template image placeholders. The text slides have options too, some are suited for lots of content while others offer columns or bullet-point lists.

Do you need to show sales or other demographics using a pie chart or graph chart? We’ve got you covered there too! We include several options to display your numerical data and all of them adhere to clean and professional design.

If you have big ideas that you want to highlight and focus in on, there are slide templates designed to outline your topics and big images. You can add the topic with a big image and supplement it with your verbal information. This helps your viewers to focus on the key idea and helps you to stay on track with the message you are communicating.

If you’re unfamiliar with creating bar graphs or tables, you could spend hours trying to get everything just right. Don’t waste the time on design when the idea you’re presenting is the most important thing.

Your White Pixel business PowerPoint template also includes pre-made tables for whatever content you need to display. With a few clicks, you are able to add or delete columns in the table making sure you have adequate space for your content.

With all of these amazing features and the hours you’ll save, you will love this beautiful template.

Download White Pixel PowerPoint template now >>.

Check the White Pixel video demonstration (please click the play button)

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