Free stock images for business PowerPoint presentations
Download 325 FREE stock images for business presentations

BONUS: Download 325 High-Quality Business Themed Stock Images – FREE

Great images make your presentation slides beautiful, impactful and engaging. But finding high-quality and relevant business themed images that you can use without purchasing licenses each time is nearly impossible. Even though you might find Creative Commons photos in image sites like Flicker, you have to place attribution links wherever you use the free images.

That’s why we’re giving away our hand-picked collection of 325 high-resolution stock photos for free. You can use these photos on your presentation slides, marketing reports, social media channels, website, emails — wherever you’d like!

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Sampath Sri Warnakula

About the author: Sampath is the Founder of, a business presentations design agency that helps businesses and education professionals to communicate effectively using engaging presentations. He considers himself a lifelong learner that strives to advocate for creativity in slide communications.

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