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Illuminate: Communication Guidebook by Nancy Duarte – Now Available on Amazon

Illuminate: Ignite Change Through Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies, and Symbols,  the new management & leadership communication book co-authored by our beloved presentation legend Nancy Duarte and communication expert Patti Sanchez  is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

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Illuminate will hit shelves February 16, 2016; but you don’t have to wait to buy it. As an special offer, if you pre-order now you get instant access to a communication matrix outlining tools the world’s most legendary leaders use to inspire people.

Offering real world examples and case studies, Illuminate will teach you how to weave galvanizing moments – created by speeches, stories, ceremonies, and symbols – into transformational movements.

Whether you’re a business leader who’s trying to inspire people now or someone who wants to be a leader in the community, Illuminate will guide your own journey of transformation.

As a leader, you have the same potential to not only anticipate the future and invent creative initiatives, but to also inspire those around you to support and execute your vision.

In Illuminate, you will get access, and learn to use, the same communication tools that great change leaders like Jobs, Howard Schultz, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used to move people.

Patti Sanchez
Patti Sanchez
Nancy Duarte
Nancy Duarte

Leading people through change is hard to do, especially for leaders who don’t communicate well. Duarte and Sanchez lay out a plan to help you lead people through the five stages of transformation using speeches, stories, ceremonies, and  symbols.

This visual and accessible communication guidebook will show you how Apple, Starbucks, IBM, charity: water, and others have mobilized people to embrace bold changes.

With Illuminate, you can learn to inspire, influence, and  lead without being loud.

Pre-Order Illuminate Here

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