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Professional Presentation Templates OR Free PowerPoint Themes – What Helps You To Create An Effective Presentation?

Professional presentation templates help to create consistent slide decks, which eventually makes your presentations look more branded and professional. 

Unfortunately, typical presentation templates preferred and downloaded by most people too often display confusing inconsistencies, despite their nice-looking backgrounds. 

Professional PowerPoint presentation templates make PowerPoint slides consistent and easier to produce. Messy and confusing presentations can seriously hurt business relations. The viewer will not understand what is being presented, or they will simply think the presentation was unorganized to take seriously. Thus,  always sticking with best PowerPoint templates is the key to effective presentations and good business.

Here is an example of a free, often useless, simple PowerPoint presentation template.

It was downloaded from one of the popular online free ppt template websites. The presentation template background looks pretty, but pretty does not mean effective! It is hard to work with. Most of these templates are coming from creative agencies or individuals who are not professional PowerPoint presentation designers.

Free PowerPoint presentation templates have very few template slide layout options

The free PowerPoint template you see above consists of just the title slide layout and two other basic template layouts. These three layouts do not help even to create a simple average looking business presentation. Poor slide backgrounds will not reflect the professionalism that your audience expects through your slides.

A professional presentation template utilizes dedicated slide master layouts. It ensures that titles, fonts, paragraphs, spacing, bullets, backgrounds, and colors remain fluid throughout the presentation. Professional PowerPoint templates also allow for separate master slide layouts for regular slides and title pages.

Professional presentation templates - Ultimate

Besides a more consistent and professional style, professional presentation templates make it faster and easier to create PowerPoint presentations. A really useful professional template goes beyond defining a background and a title slide master. If your template has good examples of actual content pages, it will help you to be consistent in how you use fonts, colors, and styles.

When making a presentation with a template, one only needs to plug their information into virtually perfect layouts. There is no fussing with getting words and titles lined up correctly or other common PowerPoint issues. When sentences run off of the slide, or a slide just does not look right, one simply needs to apply the slide master layout.

In this way, Professional PowerPoint presentation themes remove most of the stress in creating business presentations.

Professional presentation templates are especially useful when working with multiple authors on a presentation.

The hardest part of group PowerPoint presentations is assembling slides of various layout styles into one fluid presentation. Yet, with a Professional presentation template, one simply needs to apply the slide master layout, and all the slides will conform to one professional style. Coworkers (other authors) will email you their various slides, each with drastically different layouts. As the slide assembler, coworkers will believe that you are taking on the hardest part of the presentation. However, with a professional template, assembling and formatting the slides to a default standard will only take minutes.

company presentation template for corporate profile designs
A professional template is useful for designing a printable company profile in PPT

After importing the slides, you just need to apply the appropriate slide master layout from the template. Quick and easy! Teammates and presentation viewers alike will be impressed by the professional style of the PowerPoint presentation.

So, professional presentations need professional presentation templates…

Whether you just want a more professional style for your presentation, or you want to avoid the tedious and redundant aspects of PowerPoint, the use of a Professional presentation template is a wonderful idea. PowerPoint templates take care of the professional look and style, so you can focus on the content of the presentation.

You will also save vital time when using a template, so you can move on to more important things. All and all, the use of professional presentation templates make for more effective presentations and fosters a less stressful work life.

Have you ever been using free templates or professional themes, and how was your experience? We love to see your thoughts in the comments below.  Feel free to share this helpful information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Happy presentations!

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