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How to remove the background of a picture in PowerPoint

Using beautiful and impactful images in a PowerPoint slide presentation is the perfect way to keep things interesting. But sometimes, the background of an image can be distracting for your slides. Instead of going back to the drawing board and scouring the web for another free, high-quality photo that’s less busy, you can simply remove the […]

How to Show PowerPoint on Google Hangout – Works on both Windows and MAC

Here’s a quick tip for you. One of my friends wanted to share a Power Point presentation on a Google+ Hangout. He tried screen share feature but the only screen he could share was the presenter view not the full screen PowerPoint slideshow that he usually show in his online training sessions. He wanted the […]

How to Remove Hyperlink Underline In PowerPoint 2007, 2010, and 2013

Hyperlinks in PowerPoint are underlined by default. Underlined text is a visual signal denoting there is a link behind it and is a best practice from the user experience point of view. However, in some presentation design projects, you might need to remove the underline from hyperlink text.

How to Convert PowerPoint into Video For Free

Converting PowerPoint into video is a challenge for many presenters, marketers, trainers, students, and teachers. In a multi-device world, it becomes essential for presentations to be available in different formats. Sometimes we want to convert a presentation into an HD video and upload it to YouTube or stream it online from a personal or business […]

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